Darki goes to Japan!
Darki goes to Japan!

Darki goes to Japan!

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Darki in Florida, part 3

I'm currently sitting at the pool, with the laptop in my hands, blogging and surfing te web. The weather is really great right now, with sun and barely any clouds at all.

Yesterday evening I watched some TV, and after zapping through Angel and Charmed (who would have thought that they still ran here in the US...) I finally settled on the Cartoon Network, where some Anime was currently running. I didn't recognize it at first, but after a few seconds a girl showed up which looked vaguely familiar. But the episode ended rigth there, and when I heard the ending I immediately knew which Anime it was. Must have been a very recent episode (probably in the lower onehundreds), since I didn't recognize any of the characters (to be honest, I've only watched the first 2 episodes so far, and even that was like 4 months ago...).

Afterwards there was a horrible US animated series of (I don't remember the name but it looked pretty awful) so I switched channels again. I stopped on HBO, where some seemingly innocent action flick was on, with all the typical Hollywood elements (a huge truck crashing through a warehouse, exploding barrels and stuff everywhere, you get the picture). But the background music there seemed kinda familiar too, so I kept watching. And then I realized it: that was the soundtrack of Terminator. So after a bit of digging around I realized that they're actually continuing to push the old, dying Terminator merchandise to the TV screens. And the series was quite bad (judging from the one half episode I have seen yesterday). Oh well...

Ok, I have to go back in soon *sigh*, so I'll try to post this entry now and hope that the WiFi connection holds until everything is uploaded (WiFi reception at the pool seems very limited, so my laptop is constantly dropping and re-establishing the connection, which is quite annoying since it keeps popping up a balloon tooltip in the Systray area each time)

...until next time!

5.3.08 18:56


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